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My name is Tiffany Arnold and I am the proud owner and creator of Nightingale Nannies. I started this company because I understand the sense of security parents look for when it comes to their little ones. My daughter was born premature and had to spend some time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Even as a registered nurse in maternity, I admired the way the nurses and patient care assistants cared for my infant. I was able to rest in my room peacefully knowing that these professionals were taking care of my daughter.
Nightingale Nannies offer several services, such as night nanny, day nanny, first day home support, parents’ night out and childbirth classes. We want to offer parents the same passion the professionals show at the hospital, into their own homes. Our staff includes professionals and/ or students in either the medical field or early childhood education. We all hold current CPR or BLS certification and have worked with infants/children. With passion in our hearts, we want parents to feel at ease and satisfied with our services. We want to decrease the stress that a newborn may bring; such as sleep deprivation, anxiety, postpartum blues and/or depression. We would like to offer the parents piece of mind, so that they can sleep and be energized for the next day.

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  • Cincinnati Family Directories: Nightingale Nannies

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