Honey Hill Farm

2455 Crooked Creek Road
Berry, KY [Map]
(859) 654-8015 | honeyhillfarm.net

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About Honey Hill Farm

Planning your child’s birthday party? Make it memorable with goats, ducks, llamas, sheep, and even a kangaroo, right in your backyard or neighborhood park. Our “Classic Package” includes a hand-led pony to ride and a small petting zoo that is perfect for backyard birthday parties. The children get to feed the animals and hand sanitizer and cleanup is always provided. Honey Hill Farm has been offering quality, highly interactive pony rides and petting zoos for all occasions since 1998. We are licensed by the USDA, fully insured, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Our friendly animals are full-time pets and it shows. Give us a call or fill out our online “Get Prices” form and we can talk about what services will work best for your child’s birthday party. Honey Hill Farm guarantees to provide you with the happiest, cleanest, most interactive petting zoo you’ve ever experienced. Learn more at WHY HONEY HILL FARM? Get to know our adorable animals by following us on Facebook and Twitter!

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