Cincinnati Nature Center

4949 Tealtown Road
Milford, OH [Map]
(513) 831-1711 |

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About Cincinnati Nature Center

Just minutes away from the downtown urban core, Cincinnati Nature Center offers tranquility and solace among more than 1,600 acres of forests, fields, streams and ponds. With twenty miles of award-winning trails on two picturesque properties, the Nature Center provides spectacular experiences for people of all ages during all seasons. From enchanting spring wildflowers to the dazzling colors of autumn, the ever-changing beauty of nature attracts more than 150,000 visitors each year. Cincinnati Nature Center provides the community with a unique and valuable education resource for innovative, nature-based learning opportunities in a variety of formats. School field trips, family and adult seasonal programming, summer camps, off-site travel, teacher retreats, in-school programs and volunteer classes all help connect individuals with nature. Our talented naturalists and educators aspire to facilitate deep, personal connections between people and our natural world.

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  • Cincinnati Family Directories: Cincinnati Nature Center
  • Cincinnati Family Directories: Cincinnati Nature Center

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