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Having a Baby Should be Fun!

Nausea! Swollen ankles! Heartburn! Oh, and all the tests! While there are plenty of concerns that accompany each pregnancy, remember: This is an amazing time in your life. Enjoy it.

Managing Meddlers

Unsolicited comments and advice are a given during pregnancy. Here’s how to manage the meddlers. I was in the baby aisle at Target recently shopping for some underwear and socks for my boys. As I tried to decide between Thomas the Tank Engine or Cars and boxer briefs or tightie whities, I was distracted by… Read more »

Special Delivery : Surviving the Emotional Challenges of a Problem Pregnancy

Many women face high-risk pregnancies. Stay informed and healthy to maintain the best frame of mind. Maria Polidaks of Nashville struggled to remain calm as her blood pressure climbed to a dangerous level near the end of her first pregnancy. Twenty-two days before her due date, Maria’s blood pressure spiked; her doctor induced her, and… Read more »

Pop Go the Birthdays!

Fun and new ideas for special parties and happy kids. We all want to give our kids memorable birthday parties. Here are unique ways to celebrate this special day, with quick and easy tips. Storybook Party Turn your child’s favorite book into a birthday fantasy world and watch the “characters” come to life! Invitations: Photocopy… Read more »

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