Susan Day

Susan Day is editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine and a mother of four.

Little Kids With an Email Account?

An email account opens the world of social media to a youngster. Before setting your child up with email, decide what your family guidelines will be. Do it when they’re young in order to limit push back! Many parents realize all to well that their children have lively online social lives, but others do not…. Read more »

Family Bonding With a Social Network

So many of us are on Facebook — and it’s so OPEN — that lots of intimate families — moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas and the like — are turned off by how many people outside of family can be on a “feed.” Connecting to family on Facebook can result in limited sharing between family… Read more »

5 Tips for Good Eating in Babyhood

Start Baby off onto the road of wonderful eating with these handy tips from the American Dietetic Association: 1) Feed him when he’s happy The best time to feed your little one solids is when he’s awake and feeling well. Make sure he’s hungry and that there aren’t a lot of distractions around. 2) Give… Read more »

Excess Screen Time Poses Health Risk to Kids

Experts around the world are now beginning to talk up limiting screen time for kids because of the threat of a sedentary lifestyle. Obesity in kids is by no means new and the amount of “screen” time kids have now is unprecedented and related to obesity, experts say. A 2011 study by the World Cancer… Read more »

Face Off! Little Kid Car Conflicts

While driving the car with your kids in the back seat, your 4-year-old tells your 5-year-old that he’s “a poopyhead,” and they start calling each other names until they are both very upset. What do you do? In the middle of the moment, it may be hard for you to realize this is perfectly normal… Read more »

Building Self Sufficient Kids

Preschool experts agree: kids are typically able to do more than many of us think. Here’s how you can encourage your youngster.

Baby’s Sex: To Find Out or NOT to Find Out?

You’re pregnant and it’s almost time for your ultrasound. Will you find out the sex of your baby? According to, recent surveys suggest that between 50 and 70 percent of expectant couples decide to find out the sex of their child before birth. That’s a high number that includes expectant parents in Middle Tennessee…. Read more »

Thanksgiving at Home

This month, focus on helping your children count the things they can be thankful for. It IS the season!

Customized Oval Kleenex Boxes!

Dry your tears in style with these great design-it-yourself Oval Kleenex boxes! You can select a Major League Baseball team, a Disney-themed box, or create your own at the website posted below! A personalized box starts at $5.99 — hint: some people are even creating them for weddings, using the images of the bride and… Read more »

Help for Kid Squabbles

You’re driving the car and the kids, ages 6 and 7, are bickering with each other again and you’re fed up. You’ve tried numerous times to help them to get along but nothing seems to work. You’d love nothing more than to yell at them. Do you: A) Shrug it off, turn up the radio… Read more »

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