Susan Day

Susan Day is editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine and a mother of four.

Building a Great Relationship Among Siblings

We used to fight in fierce, lengthy battles with the tether ball between us.  My big sister would pound the ball in my direction, “Hey, Bumps!” she’d shout, referring to the dry, itchy skin I had on the back of my arms.  I’d whack the ball back at her,  “Just fine, Pepper!” referring to the… Read more »

Sleep When Baby Sleeps?

During your infant’s first year, you may be tempted to use your Baby’s frequent napping to get home chores and other things done, but think again.  YOU need sleep, too.  According to a recent report out of West Virginia’s Department of Psychology, the fragmented sleep you are getting may be inefficient for your overall well… Read more »

Teething Tips

Teething Tips So what’s with all the drool? Is Baby teething? Here’s a handy timeline to help you figure it out: Baby development experts say teething usually starts around 4 months old and continues until Baby is about 2 years old. Some babies may teeth sooner than others. When babies start teething, they usually do… Read more »

Assembly Required … OH NO!

Don’t get all frantic about toy assembly come the big day! You’ve got 27 days till Christmas … you have TIME to assemble ahead of time and save yourself the headache of last-minute put togethers. Toys that require assembly should be removed from the original package and put together ahead of time. Wrap them so… Read more »

Traveling with Tots!

For parents traveling on air planes with infants and tots this Thanksgiving, plan ahead with these handy tips:     • Travel with a backpack so your hands are free for the kids • Try to schedule a feeding for departure time.  This way, the sucking motion will make Baby’s ears pop and he won’t be… Read more »

Parenting Tip Of The Day

We know you’ve started your holiday shopping already – or maybe you’re about to.  Before you make any purchases, be sure to check on the newly released toy recalls.

Hi-Tech Moms

It‘s a great time to be a multi-tasking mother! New technology helps women streamline busy family lives and “crowdsourcing“ comes of age as cell phone and online activities help moms build peer support for all kinds of decision making.  So long Leave it to Beaver, hello Wonder Woman! With all of the tools at your… Read more »

Enrichment is Everything!

From music to martial arts, education beyond the classroom keeps young minds engaged. Educators and parents are in agreement: It’s not good for children to be glued to the TV every afternoon. They take on a glazed-over and dazed appearance when staring at the tube too long. Eventually, inertia sets in, and kids become whiny… Read more »

Mother Shock!

Having a baby changes your body, your mind, your life. And some days you just don’t want to talk about it. You may be the type to barrage your obstetrician with questions, diligently attend childbirth classes, take in every pregnancy book you can find, but after your baby is born, you will still be in… Read more »

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