Susan Day

Susan Day is editor-in-chief of Cincinnati Family Magazine and a mother of four.

Raising an Original Kid

Highly creative children come from parents who place values above rules. Here are some tips to help you raise an original kid.

Crush that Texting Addiction

It’s 10 p.m. and your daughter’s gone to bed … only, has she? As parents struggle to manage compulsion for their own devices, kids are struggling, too.

Baby Bits

There are all sorts of things expecting moms should know about when having a baby … like fun baby shower games, buying breastmilk online, traveling with baby and more.

Kids and Coding

Coding for kids is fast becoming THE thing to do — and it’s a skill that can someday lead your child to an excellent job.

4 Tips for Adventurous Eaters

Want your kids to love eating with you? Try these easy tips and see what happens! 1) Don’t cook to order If you want your kids to eat well, then when you’ve prepared dinner tell them, “This is what’s for dinner. If you don’t like it, that’s fine; you don’t have to eat it. But… Read more »

Secrets of Top Students

The contribution of parents is crucial to a top performing kid: set high standards and hold your kids to them. Encourage, but let them do their own work. Impress upon them the responsibility … and watch them deliver.

On the Move! Baby’s Walking

Wobbly legs and teeny-tiny feet make learning to walk a challenge. Here’s where you can fit in to baby’s walking stages.

Why I Love My Dishwasher

From flip flops to vacuum attachments, your dishwasher can help you out with your spring cleaning! Got kids? Me too. That’s why I love my dishwasher. It’s on of my best friends for spring cleaning tricks. Get your kids to run around the house collecting the following items in a basket and bring to the… Read more »

Stop Teasing in its Tracks

You’ve just learned that your 9-year-old is being teased at school. How do you stop teasing in its tracks even if your child doesn’t want you to? A) Decide he should just tough it out on his own — life’s full of teasing, after all. B) Sit down with your child and hatch out a… Read more »

PB&J Tarts

Yummy PB&J Tarts make a wholesome treat for your kids — and puts that leftover peanut butter and pie crust to work! Peanut Butter & Jelly “Pop Tarts” (Makes 12 Tarts) 1/4 Cup Smooth Peanut Butter 1/4 Cup Strawberry Preserves, Jam or Jelly 1 Double Crust Recipe or 1 14 oz Pre-Made Pie Crust* Water 1. Preheat… Read more »