Kiera Ashford

Kiera Ashford is the Managing Editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine, and a mother of two.

It’s Time to Stop … and PLAY!

When your child comes up to you for the millionth time asking for you to come play, don’t you think you should stop working and do so? Yeah, that’s what I try to tell myself. But, there is always that one more sentence I need to type, the dryer is done and ready for a… Read more »

Pinecone Bats

Another fun Halloween craft for kids is making a bat out of pinecones and leaves. Again, we are using what nature has to offer. What You’ll Need Pinecones Leaves with stems Black spray paint Googly eyes (optional) Ribbon What You’ll Do Grab a pinecone and two leaves of about the same size. Take one leaf… Read more »

Make Fall Break Fun!

Fall break is this week for my little girl … don’t know about yours. My daughter is only in first grade and doesn’t really understand why there is a fall break — she just knows she doesn’t have to go to school. She’s been hard at work trying to do her best at school, so… Read more »

Sometimes You Just Have to Give In a Little

You’re out and about with your children — not at the unruly stage, at least at the moment. You are trying to handle this or that, without interruption. This can be challenging at times when your children demand your attention most of the time, right? So, sometimes it’s easier to just give in a little…. Read more »

Getting Back in the Groove

School is starting back this week for my daughter. But, I’m afraid that I have been a little behind on getting her back into her school-time routine. Take going to bed, for instance. She has her summer bed time and a school bed time. If she doesn’t get to bed right when she needs to,… Read more »


I know … it’s too hot to think about snowflakes. But, then again, maybe it’s just what we need to keep our minds off the heat. This craft is a little tricky and I only recommend it for the more mature/older kids … with help from parents, of course. What You Need Hot Glue Smooth… Read more »

Just a Hug Away

  If your child hates to be away from his family, give him something to hug on and still see your smiling faces. Huggalo is a cute little guy (or girl) that has a pocket in the front to hold a family photo. They are super cute and unique in their own way — cuddly,… Read more »

Sir Chomps-A-Lot

My little 2-year-old son, Seth, has been knighted Sir Chomps-A-Lot by the most gracious Queen Mom. Haha! It’s really a very appropriate name for him … because he eats everything! I feared for him and questioned his appetite for the inedible to his pediatrician several months back and was reassured that he would be fine…. Read more »

splashin’ and relaxin’ in Sevierville, TN

Wilderness at the Smokies lets you ride the waves, relax on the lazy river … or take a thrilling ride on one of many waterslides!   “Did you see that drop!?” “Oh, that looks awesome!” That’s what you hear as you walk around the resort at Wilderness at the Smokies in Sevierville, Tenn. The recently… Read more »

Family Fun in the Sun

It was a HOT weekend to say the least. Along with the sweltering heat, we had TONS of events and things to do. So, it’s easy to say that we spent our entire weekend outside … in the heat. I know, I know. What am I complaining about, right? My children absolutely love playing outside… Read more »

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