Kiera Ashford

Kiera Ashford is the Managing Editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine, and a mother of two.

It’s a Holiday Shrektacular!

His name is in the title and he will make your children giggle like crazy during this wonderful … did I mention FREE … show that takes place within Gaylord Opryland Resort. That’s right, this show is free. They call it a street party as everyone who is in the hotel during the times of… Read more »

It’s Burrr-ific!

ICE! is back for another great season and features DreamWorks’ Shrek the Halls. It’s also a part of the DreamWorks Experience package. If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t worry. These magnificent sculptures formed out of 2 million pounds of ice help depict several scenes from the movie. Oh, and you can’t forget the favorite… Read more »

Meet Shrek and More!

During your DreamWorks Experience at Gaylord Opryland, you get a chance to eat and meet with Shrek, Puss in Boots and Princess Fiona (not as an ogre). This is just one of the many features you get to partake in during your stay. Our children’s favorite is the Character Meet and Greets. ShrekFeast Interactive Character… Read more »

“Give Thanks” Stacking Blocks

Here’s a fun craft that all ages can help create for a Thanksgiving decoration. What You’ll Need 16 one-inch blocks (Hobby Lobby has a set for just $2.99) Paint Paint brushes Scrapbook paper Silver permanent marker or white paint pen Regular paper and a pen What You’ll Do With your pen and paper, write down… Read more »

Get Kids to Drink More Water

And you can with Dreamfarm Tapi: TAP squeeze drInk fountain. The award-winning Tapi allows you to turn practically any sink into a drinking fountain. It slides right onto the faucet and allows the water to flow right through it like normal. When your child wants a drink, all he has to do is either squeeze… Read more »

Dad Crafted with Us, too!

It was hilarious getting my husband in on the family crafting session I had this weekend. It was like I threw him in a lingerie store and said pick something out for me and it better be right! My daughter loves this time each weekend where we make all sorts of crafts. She was excited… Read more »

Contain Yourself

TOYDOZER (pictured above) by MarchFive • $15.99 All those pesky small toy pick ups (Legos!) become a snap with this clever mom-invented item. The Toy Dozer lets you (or the kids) scoop up items and dump them back in their bins. Hold the base in one hand, the scoop paddle in the either and… Read more »

Family of Turkeys

What You’ll Need White paper Paint (brown, red, orange, yellow) Paint brushes Every member of the family What You’ll Do Set a large piece of white paper out on the table horizontally. The back side of wrapping paper would be great for this as you can get a good straight piece of paper out of… Read more »

Thanksgiving Crafts

Indian Corn Craft Get ready for Thanksgiving with an Indian Corn craft for kids. What You’ll Need Yellow paper Green paper Brown paint Orange paint Black paint Scissors Glue What You’ll Do 1.    Cut out a piece of yellow paper in the shape of a cob of corn. 2.    With the green paper, cut out… Read more »

Painted Fall Leaf

Now that the leaves are starting to fall, gather some up and get ready for this next craft for kids. What You’ll Need Leaves Washable paint Paper Paintbrushes What You’ll Do Set out a piece of paper. Grab a leaf and add a drop of paint from three or four different colors to the back… Read more »

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