Kiera Ashford

Kiera Ashford is the Managing Editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine, and a mother of two.

Get Yourself a Bra Maid!

Nope, Mom may not need a real maid, but she should really have a Bra Maid! If she’s anything like me … throwing my delicates and bathing suits in with the rest of the wash … then this handy ball is a clothing saver! Every time I have washed a bra or bathing suit, it seems… Read more »

Cancun with Kids!

Mayan ruins, mouthwatering dishes and so much more … all while staying at the beautiful CasaMagna Marriott Cancún Resort. “Last summer, I got to see an ancient city, swim in the ocean and sleep in a hotel … in MEXICO!” This is what your kids will be telling their classmates next fall after taking a… Read more »

Baby Bits

Sleeping, eating and going out with Baby — there’s lots to get the hang of!

Valentine’s Day Wooden Coin

Another craft you can do with the wooden circles from Lowe’s. Make a Valentine’s Day coin. It’s just a fun thing to play with. You can pay your Valentine a hug and a kiss! What You’ll Need Wooden circles Foam stickers Silver/gold metallic paint Paintbrush What You’ll Do Grab a foam sticker and peel off… Read more »

Flower Chandelier

Here’s a craft that your child could help you with to help add a little something to her room. What You’ll Need Rubber flower sink mat Scissors Hot glue Light dome from ceiling fixture What You’ll Do We found this cute flower sink mat at Lowe’s, but anything like this will work. With your scissors,… Read more »

Gear for Little Learners

Sing Along CD Player (pictured above) by Enviro-Mental Toy Co. Educational Products Ages 3 – 6 $69.99                                                                             Crayola MyPhones (with volume-limiting circuitry) by Griffin Technology Ages 3 and older $24.99                                                                             First Painting Set ALEX • Ages 18 months and older $27.95                                                                             My First Crayola Mess-Free Marker and Paper Crayola… Read more »

Protect Your Stroller with BuggyGuard

Ever needed to take your little one out of his stroller because where you were entering, strollers weren’t allowed? I’ve always felt a little uneasy about this. I remove everything I possibly can, but sometimes that’s not enough. If you are at the mall and you go to a restaurant to eat, you can most… Read more »

Monster High is ALL the Rave!

All I hear from the mouths of little girls is how much they LOVE their new Monster High dolls they got for Christmas. These dolls turned an idea that sounded creepy into something cool. Well, now they can enjoy those unique dolls in the digital realm with the new game Monster High: Skultimate Roller Maze… Read more »

Homemade Memory Card Game

This is a great game to have with little children and it’s a perfect opportunity for teachers to have a quick and easy craft to do with the children in the classroom. Be sure to see the pictorial step-by-step guide at the bottom of the page. What You’ll Need Pictures of your children (two of… Read more »

I Already ATE!

This is what my almost 3-year-old screamed at me just the other day! What’s going on you ask? Well, in an attempt to get him to eat something besides his usual fancy (plastic, wood, metal, rubber … anything he can get his hands on that is NOT FOOD), I didn’t give him anything to drink… Read more »

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