Kiera Ashford

Kiera Ashford is the Managing Editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine, and a mother of two.

Baby Bits

Because lots of little things go into the biggest joy in life!   OHIO SECOND STATE TO LAUNCH BABY BOX UNIVERSITY The state of Ohio and The Baby Box Co., an organization aimed at improving family health and reducing SIDS, have teamed up to launch a program for expecting parents to receive a free Baby… Read more »

Carolina Beach: Let’s Go Camping!

W hen we told the kids we were going camping, they jumped up and down with excitement. When we mentioned it would be on the beach, they started squealing. Camping and going to the beach are two of their most favorite things to do. That’s why we anticipated a great family vacation in Wilmington, N.C.,… Read more »

Getting Past Awkward

Getting comfortable with others takes practice — for ALL of us. And we should ALL know when to put the phone down!

YOUR Movie Watch List!

This year, there are plenty of kid movies coming out that you should add to your movie watch list. Kids love to act like grownups and do grownup things … like going to the movies. So, start saving your concessions money now and get ready for a summer full of fun movies to see with… Read more »

Pint-Sized Fun at Walt Disney World

This giant place full of magic and surprise is perfect for anyone small or tall. There’s no reason to wait. Your preschoolers will have tons of fun!

Is Sleep Really Over-Rated?

Do my kids love to sleep or what?! BUT, what I didn’t know was how hard it is to wake such sleepy kids … even after sleeping 10+ hours!

Thanksgiving Treats

Pilgrim Hat Cookies by Celeste Cruse What You’ll Need 16 chocolate wafer cookies 1 tube orange frosting 16 small peanut butter cups What You’ll Do Place cookies on work surface; squeeze a dime-size dot of frosting in center of each. Unwrap and invert peanut butter cups on frosting, pressing down gently. Using the round piping… Read more »

Let’s Sew Together

Give kids a minute and they’ll learn — possibly want even more. Kids can learn things, like how to sew, by you allowing them to help around the house.

Break out the LEGOs!

We’ve had a LEGO set in the house for quite some time now. It was one that had specific instructions on how to build a certain thing. When we got it, we put it together. They played with it for a few hours and then they were done with it. The set has been sitting… Read more »

Crafting with Your Kids

I hear it nearly every day. My craftiness has definitely rubbed off on my oldest. She’s always wanting to make something. There’s strips of paper here. Crayons scattered there. Then there comes the, “Make something with me!” from her. She came to me just yesterday with a piece of paper decorated like a movie clapboard…. Read more »