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Tutor To The Rescue

Parents eager to see their children succeed will prioritize paying anywhere from $20 to $100 an hour for scholastic support.

A Festive New Year’s Eve

Many of you will be getting ready for a big party tonight while others may have something simple planned at home with their family. Either way, we want everyone to have a safe and FUN New Year’s Eve! To help have a festive New Year’s Eve with the little ones, here are a couple games… Read more »

Snowman Luminary

This snowman luminary is a very simple and easy craft to do! What You’ll Need Snow in a can (spray) Black paper Hole punch Empty, clean mason jar Battery operated tealight What You’ll Do Hold the mason jar out from you and spray on the snow all over the outside of the jar. Punch holes… Read more »

Magical Elf Door

They don’t have to know it’s not really magical, but how else do the elves — like the Elf on the Shelf — get into your house? Some say they bought him at the store while others say he magically appeared one day. Anyway, this fun holiday craft for kids is just the solution. Have… Read more »

Diaper Check with TwoSees

Little Parakeet’s TwoSees | $29.97 (set of three) This new little onesie is great for checking Baby’s diaper on the move! It’s just like a regular onesie, but it has a vertical slot positioned just above the waistline for an easy peek! I know that I always hated having to snatch my little guy… Read more »

Pop Up Christmas Card

Here’s a fun Pop Up Christmas Card craft for kids that will help cut back on the cost of buying a specialty card at boutiques. What You’ll Need Two sheets of contrasting colors of paper Scissors Glue What You’ll Do Grab two sheets of paper in contrasting colors. Stack them together and fold them in… Read more »

Get PUR Water for Baby

PUR Baby’s Water Filtration System | $29.99 With just one click, you can have PUR water for Baby straight from your kitchen sink! The filter reduces heavy metals and is great for mixing infant formula and cereal. One filter manages 100 gallons of tap water. The ON/OFF feature lets you use regular water for… Read more »

Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are a timeless classic! It’s a fairly easy craft that even kids who use safety scissors can get in on the fun. Be sure to fold the paper in lots of different ways to see what you can come up with. What You’ll Need Paper Scissors What You’ll Do Fold the paper in… Read more »

Lights Look Difference With Holiday Specs

Put on a pair of these specialty glasses — Holiday Specs — and see Holiday lights transform into tiny objects right before your eyes! Holiday Specs transform any Christmas lights, fireworks, candles or any bright point of light into magical messages. These holographic lenses are specially made to bend the light creating illusions. The Holiday Specs… Read more »

Recycled Tissue Ornament

If you’re like me, you save all that tissue that comes in every gift bag. No, we’re not hoarding it, just waiting for the right time to use it in a craft or two. Like this recycled tissue ornament. What You’ll Need Styrofoam ball Ribbon Festive tissue paper Glue Paintbrush What You’ll Do Grab a… Read more »

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