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Monitoring Video Games

Kids just can’t stop playing Minecraft?! Come on Mom and Dad. Monitoring video games is the battle you MUST win on the parenting frontier these days. Plenty of kids are awash in media — let’s face it, most of us are. But adults didn’t grow up facing the same numbers as today’s kids: The typical… Read more »

Fuzzy Clovers

If you can’t find a real four-leaf clover, make one! These fuzzy clovers are easy, but they do require the help of an adult. What You’ll Need Fuzzy little balls Hot glue Craft sticks What You’ll Do • As your hot glue is heating up, have your child sort the fuzzy colored balls and craft… Read more »

Car Seat Installation UPDATE!

Car Seat Installation Update!  New guidelines regarding LATCH systems are now in effect for children weighing 65 pounds or more. Just when you thought you’d earned your car seat installation badge, a new regulation has come into effect. This time the new guideline affects LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) anchors. The National Highway… Read more »


The 17th annual Canstruction contest kicks off March 4 with teams of architects, engineers and designers building huge sculptures out of canned goods!

Ballet Toybox is a Fun Intro for Kids

Cincinnati Ballet restages Ballet Toybox, a family-friendly program featuring Cincinnati Ballet’s Second Company dancers for one performance only, March 30.

Poppy Drops Tattoo Earrings

Poppy Drops tattoo earrings will have your little girl smiling — and you don’t have to pierce her ears! Ear piercing for little girls can be an “iffy” subject, but now it doesn’t have to be: hello Poppy Drops! Temporary tattoo earrings made from all-natural vegetable dyes can be applied easily to your little girl’s… Read more »

Baby Losing Binky?

It’s enough to make you batty! Night after night you head to your crying baby’s room because the pacifier’s lost. So when Baby wakes he can’t soothe himself to fall back asleep on his own. What do you do? Most babies who use pacifiers can plop the thing back in their mouths by 8 months… Read more »

Life Lessons Learned at Camp

Kids learn to be independent, confident and adventurous when they go to camp — just listen to Ben.

Yarn-Wrapped Letters

This is so simple to do that even a 6-year-old can do this … with just a little help from an adult. What You’ll Need Cardboard Marker Scissors Yarn Tape What You’ll Do Draw a simple letter on the cardboard. Cut that letter out with your scissors. Take your yarn and tape the starting point… Read more »

Inflatable Booster Seat

Yes, you read that right. The Bubble Bum Booster Seat is a portable, foldable and inflatable booster seat! It’s a seat that’s perfect for an extra kid that just happens to need a ride from you, traveling by taxi, rental car or even air plain, too. This seat meets all US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety… Read more »

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