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Monsters University: A Must-See

You got to know Mike and Sulley in Monsters, Inc. Now you get to find out how they became the best of friends in Monsters University. Here’s their SYNOPSIS: Ever since college-bound Mike Wazowski (voice of Billy Crystal) was a little monster, he has dreamed of becoming a Scarer — and he knows better than anyone that the… Read more »

Painting With Chalk

It’s all over the internet … painting with chalk! You’ve seen your kid … rubbing in the chalk he just colored with on the sidewalk to fill in the holes. Eliminate that step by doing this: What You’ll Need Sidewalk Chalk Hammer Ziploc Bag Bowl Paintbrush Water What You’ll Do Add your pieces of used… Read more »

Detecting Anxiety in Kids

Got a worry wart? You’re not alone. Plenty of kids fret about things large and small — just like adults can. It’s hard on you, tho, when you’re not able to comfort your child. Worse, if your child has some kind of anxiety disorder. Too much anxiety can interfere with healthy development. Learn how to… Read more »

Floaties = False Security

Lots of parents insist that their toddlers wear “floaties” while swimming so they’ll feel safe in the water, but plenty of swimming experts say kids need to get past the floatie stage, since “water wings” keep kids in a vertical (straight up and down) position in the water, the opposite position that’s actually needed for… Read more »

DIY Sandwich Chalkboard

Chalkboards are all the rave as of late. You see them just about everywhere, even weddings! I, much like everyone else, love the look of it. So, we decided to make our own sandwich sign as a chalkboard to use at her party. We also have it readily available for when the kids want to… Read more »

Summer Fun

Running barefoot in the grass. Romping with the dog in the backyard. Reading a favorite book in a shady spot under a huge tree. Summer is the perfect time to unplug and savor the small things. Here are easy ways to enjoy summer with your kids: Eat Berries Not only are they naturally sweet and… Read more »

Say “Ahh!” to Cool Air

Summer is mostly full of outdoor fun, but sometimes the heat gets to be too much. Those are the perfect days to enjoy a cheap or free flick! Join Cincinnati Family this summer at the Summer Movie Express at Regal Deerfield Township Stadium 16 (5500 Deerfield Blvd., Mason). At 10 a.m. every Tuesday and Wednesday… Read more »

SafetyTat: For Just-In-Case Moments

You turn around and your child who was following you is now not there! You’re at the zoo and know you just left his favorite spot. But, what if he’s not there? What if he is lost? Rest assure that your child will find his way back to you, but you can speed that process… Read more »

Cool School Memory Books

As your child starts to bring home artwork and works well done, you want to keep them safe, right? Here is an easy construction paper book that you can make with your child and have at the ready to glue or tape any projects as soon as they are brought home. Keep in mind, however,… Read more »

Flowers for Mom

Just about everyone gets flowers for Mother’s Day. So, why not make them even more special? Create your own paper flowers to make it more memorable for Mom. What You Need Paper in a variety of colors Large sticky photo squares Sticks Scissors What You Do 1.    Grab your paper and cut out many tear-drop… Read more »

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