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Working Mom Tips

When you have to be out the front door early in the morning, you need to be ready. Nothing’s worse than a frantic morning mother.  Try some of these working mom tips!  Gone are the days when you couldn’t work things out with your employer … especially if you’re a hard, dedicated worker. But working… Read more »

Kiwi Crate Delivers Creativity for Kids

It’s not a crate filled with fruit, it’s a cute little box filled with so much more! Kiwi Crate offers parents the chance to subscribe their child to a monthly kit that delivers all sorts of creative hands-on activities. Instead of getting magazines in the mail, why not something fun? Your child will be excited… Read more »

Folded Christmas Tree

Here’s a folded Christmas Tree craft  you can make with all the scrap pieces of wrapping paper you have left. What You’ll Need Scrap pieces of paper Scissors What You’ll Do Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. Fold that piece of paper in half again. Fold it one more time with… Read more »

Wooden Train Set

Wooden train sets and Christmas go hand in hand, and there’s nothing like one with a classic feel for little guys. This Pottery Barn Kids Wooden Train Set is the perfect starter for guys 3 and older. The package has 48 pieces, including 19 tracks, a bridge, four train cars (that attach magnetically), four road… Read more »

5 Steps to a Birth Plan

Wondering what it will be like to deliver your first baby? Use these 5 steps to a birth plan so everyone involved in Baby’s birth is on the same page.   What’s a birthing plan you say? It is quite literally your shared hopes and instructions about how you want the birthing experience to go…. Read more »

Holiday Travel Can-Do

Heading to relatives this year? Let your small fries take a cute bag for their holiday travel. These carry-on luggage bags are a great for kids. Mickey Mouse Pop Art Luggage Disney | | $149 Everyone’s favorite rodent adds a vivid splash of color to this 20-inch rolling bag. The hard case is fully lined with… Read more »

Christmas Balloon Lights

Don’t want to hand lights up around the mantle or in the trees outside? Try Christmas Balloon Lights and you’ll have something great and different. What You’ll Need Red, green, white and other colors of plain balloons Ribbon Mini mouthwash/bathroom paper cups Pen Silver paint Paintbrush What You’ll Do Blow up a balloon and tie… Read more »

Small Stocking Stuffers With Big Fun

If you’re looking for some cool little games as stocking stuffers, here’s some that fit the bill. They may be small in size, but these games are big time fun. Stocking stuffers are usually the last thing on our mind in our family. It’s usually my husband that runs out — last-minute no doubt —… Read more »

Protect Kids From Flu

A little awareness goes a long way when you’re out in public with your kids during flu season. You know that moment when you’re at a public restroom with your toddler and just trying to get hands washed and out the door? How about when you then go to open the door to get out… Read more »

Teething and Fever

Some of the obvious signs related to teething are shoving fingers in the mouth, a desire to chew on things and of course all that drool! But what about fever? Yes, there’s plenty of drool and your baby keeps putting her fingers in her mouth … but what about that fever? Is it related to… Read more »

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