Bonnie Jean Feldkamp Bonnie Jean Feldkamp

Bonnie Jean Feldkamp is a writer, wife, and mom of three kids whose ages span two decades. Her work has appeared in the New York Times; Brain, Child Magazine; Scary Mommy and more. Her Cincinnati Family mom blog earned Best Overall Blog in the 2017 Ohio Society of Professional Journalists Awards. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @WriterBonnie or on her website at

Getting Your Child into a Magnet School

Maybe you’ve seen them … the parents camped out in front of the school? They’re there because they’re trying to ensure a spot at the school for their child, but things are about to change.

Are You Raising a Free-Range Kid?

Talk of free-range kids is in the news — how much independence is your child really ready to handle, and how willing are you to grant it?

Child’s Play: Why it Matters

In the age of technology everywhere, it’s important to remember that REAL play is critical to your child’s development.

The Parent-Child Disconnect

What happens when your phone seems more important than your child? Don’t let a parent-child disconnect ruin your relationship with your kids.

Christmas with a New Family

When I was a single mom, I spent Christmas alone. No tree. No gifts. I had negotiated with my ex-husband for Thanksgiving, and gave him Christmas. His family could afford to give my daughter the Christmas that I couldn’t. No, Christmas is not all about the presents, but when you’re 6, let’s be honest, it’s… Read more »

Happy Blended Holidays with Stepchildren

It’s one, big family when you remarry and bring each other’s kids together. Here are some tips to having a happy blended holiday with your stepchildren.

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