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Heat Stroke: Keeping Babies Safe in Cars

Spring is here and so is the heat.   According to Safe Kids Coalition Worldwide, “A child’s body heats up three-to-five times faster than an adult’s body.” Safe Kids Coalition also reports that more than half of the cases of heat stroke deaths occur when a child was left in the car.     We’ve… Read more »

Healthier at Home

When someone gets sick at home, take measures to keep the illness away from the rest of you! Take precautions to keep a happy, healthier family.

The House is Half Clean

  If the glass is half full then my house is half clean. I’m an optimist who chases a toddler around all day. I follow him into the kitchen and while he pulls the potatoes out of the pantry I wash a dish. I don’t wash every dish because I then follow him into the… Read more »

Lead Poisoning: It’s Still a Thing

The doctor called. My son’s lead levels have climbed even higher. It all started at Ezra’s 1-year checkup. The finger prick test for lead that all kids get came back high. Three months later — after our water was tested and found clean, and after we’ve pitched the painted toys made outside of the country… Read more »

Time for School, Mom!

Shawna McCowan always wanted to work with Veterans but she wasn’t sure how. McCowen admitted that after high school, “It took me a while to get it together, and I wanted to help. I wanted to be part of the solution.”  She went back to school when her first son was 5, working full time…. Read more »

Teens: Let Them Text

I’ve seen the inside of a lot of therapy rooms and never, not once, has an important disclosure included confident eye contact. I’ve shredded soggy tissues with eyes cast down. I have chewed a cuticle.  My eyes darted here and there in search of answers. But never have I wanted to look my therapist in… Read more »

Give the Gift of Empathy: Donate a Book

My daughter’s favorite book in the third grade was the story of Ruby Bridges, the first black child to desegregate the all-white William Frantz Elementary School in Louisiana during the New Orleans school desegregation crisis of 1960.   She had plucked the book from the shelves in her school library and latched on to the… Read more »

It’s Not Manly to Die Young: How To Help Our Boys

Whether You say “No-Shave November” or “Movember,” men’s health is on our minds this month. Both organizations bring awareness to important health issues affecting men by encouraging people to put down their razors.  Screenings and preventable care are important and understanding this importance starts with teaching our sons that “toughing it out” is not what… Read more »

The Making of a Reader

There’s a voracious reader in all of us, I thought, but, my youngest daughter, Bon, was determined to prove me wrong. I took her to the eye doctor for one reason — so he could tell my melodramatic third-grader there was no physical reason she couldn’t complete her reading homework. But when he asked her… Read more »

School Lunch?

I usually packed my kids’ lunch each day for school, but some mornings came too early. Those were the days I declared, “You’re buying today.” I always kept a few bucks in the school lunch account as my backup. Then it happened one day, it was bound to. I said, “You’re buying today.”  My middle-schooler… Read more »