Amanda Ciani Amanda Ciani

Amanda Ciani lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and their three terrific sons. She enjoys writing haiku parenting poems for her Instagram account (@cinciciani), and Twitter account (@haikuciani).

Need a Reason to Visit Indy? We’ve got four!

Just under two hours away, Indianapolis is a perfect travel destination for Cincinnati families. There is a huge variety of attractions to keep every member of the family happy during your visit. Here is my top three list of Indy Family activities, followed by my recommendation for the trendiest spot to stay overnight, Ironworks Hotel…. Read more »

Baby Feeding Products by BBLuv

I once had utopian dreams of what I would feed my future children. I recall a pretty lengthy list of foods I would never, ever feed my kids, too. There were also the parenting and feeding experts* who regularly chimed in to say what age babies should be fed solids and purees, and which foods… Read more »

Mom Report: Ring of Fire

Ready to explore something new with your family at the Newport Aquarium? Ring of Fire: World of the Octopus recently made its public debut.  The former jellyfish room has been artfully remodeled to house this breathtaking exhibit. Lights and sounds will immerse you in the thunderous world that the Japanese Spider Crab, Moon Jellyfish, and… Read more »

Fun With a Paper Bag

Nothing perplexes me more than when my children look at me, all doe-eyed, and say “Mom, I’m bored”  …What?! ….How?!  I. Do. Not. Comprehend.  Each floor of my home has drawers, cubes, chests, and closets filled with toys, costumes, games, arts and craft supplies, etc. Not to mention, both of my kids have their own… Read more »

Mom Report: Dart Rush

During a recent clean-up battle with my son, he blurted out an extremely hurtful statement. “All you do is clean. You are boring; Dad is the fun parent.” I don’t think he realized how hard his words hit me, how utterly crushed I felt, mostly because his statement had become true. I stopped dead in… Read more »

Let’s Skate!

Sharp silver blades slide across slick ice, whoosh, the skater picks up speed as they glide around the rink. Whether that skater is gracefully twirling and flying through the air doing lutzes and performing axels, or passing a puck to the next player and assisting in a goal, ice skating is a wonderful sport — winter… Read more »

Mom Report: CMC Winter Break Camp

Need an idea for the kids over Winter Break?  Cincinnati Museum Center will host a variety of day camps for the kiddos — Mom reporter Amanda Ciani got a sneak peek of what families can expect when her Kindergartner attend a recent day camp over Thanksgiving break.  Upon asking my Kindergartener if he had a… Read more »

Mom Report: Dinosaur Gallery at COSI!

Space, trains, science, DINOSAURS! These are a few of my sons favorite things. So when I heard COSI is home to a brand new Dinosaur Gallery, masterfully created by the American Museum of Natural History, I knew we were Columbus bound.    The new AMNH exhibit is home to a variety of dinosaurs! We were… Read more »

Mom Report: Dirr Nursery

My home is filled with the delightful smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree, and my heart is filled with happiness knowing we chopped down that tree, together, as a family. We spent a morning at Dirr Nursery in Goshen, Ohio scouring rows of trees looking to find “the one”. Dirr Nursery has tons of… Read more »

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