Amanda Ciani Amanda Ciani

Amanda Ciani lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and their three terrific sons. She enjoys writing haiku parenting poems for her Instagram account (@cinciciani), and Twitter account (@haikuciani).

Potty Talk

Upon first meeting me, I’m doubtful you would guess that I love The Simpsons, South Park, and crude humor. But(t), I do! We are all multi-faceted creatures, and one of my lesser known facets is apparently that of a teenage boy who laughs at fart jokes. Bring on the scatological humor, and you’ll hear me… Read more »

Mom Report: The Beach Waterpark

My kids are absolute water logs. They adore the Hamilton County splash parks, swimming in pools, could barely be torn away from the beach on our recent family vacation, and will always turn to prunes at bath time. I have lived in Northern Kentucky my whole life, and for whatever reason, I had never made… Read more »

Beach or Bust!

Sand beneath your toes, waves gently crashing, the warm sun shining. For many people, a beach vacation is the ideal getaway.  However, a car echoing with toddler screams for 10+ hours may seem a little less than ideal, for ALL people. My family is gearing up for a beach trip in the next weeks, so… Read more »

Mom Report: Woodland Mound

After purchasing our annual Hamilton County Parks pass, I excitedly browse the parks guide. My family adores the splash parks at Winton Woods, Woodland Mound and Miami Whitewater Forest — we always get my boys yearly bracelets so we can go as much as we desire. Going to Parky’s Farm is another favorite. Yet even… Read more »

Chess Match Parenting

There are moments where I find parenting to be similar to a chess match. I have to predict my opponent’s, I mean child’s, next move. I think of my actions, my son’s reaction and all of the possible outcomes. If I say this, he will react like that. I never observed this part of parenting… Read more »

Mom Report: EnterTRAINment Junction

My family has visited EnterTRAINment Junction many, many times in the past, so my boys know the layout quite well. They love every single inch of tracks laid out in the scale train displays (the themed scavenger hunts are a huge hit for them), they adore pressing buttons within the interactive displays, and they wear themselves… Read more »

Mom, I’m Hungry!

-Mom, I am hungry! Great, I will make you something. -“Something” sounds yucky! Have a picky pre-school eater? Try serving up some letter lunches! My son loves learning the letters of the alphabet with his classmates at preschool, and we recently applied this love of the alphabet to the kitchen. One day when my picky… Read more »

Mom Report: Rosenthal Education Center

Rain, rain, go away!  The weather has been all over the board lately, but I guess that’s one of the joys of living in this area, right?  I love my house, I really do! But after several days of being cooped inside, cabin fever inevitably set in. So what could we get into on a… Read more »

Mom Report: Loving the Library

On nice days when I was little, my mom would walk me up to the library a couple blocks away. We would sit and play with their toys and put together their puzzles, and when we left, my bag typically had an iSpy book, a Madeline book and a spooky story book. We’d walk home… Read more »

What’s In Your Bag?

My everyday bag is a functional tote that holds everything I may need for myself and my dudes on a given day. It is fashionable, compact and holds all of the necessities! Well, except maybe I don’t need all three lip balms in here, or four pairs of toddler socks, or all of these brochures… Read more »

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