Digital Display Ads – Sizes & Specs

Ads that display on are designed specifically for our website’s versatility in responsive web design.

Web Site Ad Sizes:

Banner Ads (in header and body of pages)
610×77 pixels

Sidebar Ads (block shaped ad in sidebar)

Tower Ads (sidebar placement)

Footer Ads (3 ad positions located at the bottom of every page)

Acceptable file formats:  jpg, png, gif, animated gif (we no longer accept swf files / ads built using Flash).


Promotional E-mail blasts:

Cincinnati Family will email your message to our e-mail subscriber list.  We recommend short messages with high impact and a “call to action”. A single URL that drives viewers to a “click for more information” page is best for email performance.

We recommend creative for Promotional E-mail blasts to be no wider than 600 pixels and no taller than 1000 pixels (600×800 is optimum).

Acceptable file formats: jpg, png, gif, animated gif.


*Weekly eNewsletter Ads:

Four times a month Cincinnati Family Magazine sends emails to our newsletter subscribers features, blogs, and event picks for the family. 

We offer the following ad sizes in our eNewsletters:

Premium Banner (shows at the top of the email): 610px X 77px
Middle Banner (shows at the middle of the email): 610px X 77px
Branded Content Banner (shows near the bottom of the email, links to your content featured on our website): 610px X 330px

Acceptable file formats: jpg, png, gif, animated gif.


*Formats for newsletter subject to change.

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