Explore Museums (With the Kids!)

Dusty, stuffy museums are thankfully a thing of the past! Many museum programs today are designed specifically with touchy toddlers in mind — because interaction leads to creative learning. Check...

View From The Seats

Taking a child to her first big, live performance NOT specifically designed for kids can be nerve-racking. Will she sit still and pay attention? Will she refrain from incessantly kicking the...

Don’t Mess Around With Strep

School’s starting up again, and with that comes multiple viruses and bacterial infections, including the dreaded strep throat. We chatted with Kathryn O’Malley, M.D., F.A.A.P., from Muddy Creek Pediatrics, on...

Late Afternoon at Fernbank Park

“Count to 100. No, 200,” the kids urged, before running to hide for a game of Hide and Seek. They hid under slides, inside slide tubes and beneath canopies. At...

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